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Updates and Artworks~!

Hi-hi, Everyone~!
As you can see, I finally got to update the site. Now, the Japanese comic is a few pages ahead of the English one (as would be expected) but both are soon about to head off to the end of chapter two~

Please tell me what you think so far of the comic~! Feed back is always good~!
And also, :( I am sorry to anyone who wanted to co-write for ssB, the story-line is all plotted out... Though in between chapters, I may begin to do a chibi-break mini-manga just for fun~ ^3^ So be looking forward~

Also, here's a random drawing based off of a later scene:

Nonbiri by *ieindigoeast on deviantART

Check out more art from my deviantART page: http://ieindigoeast.deviantart.com

Thank you everyone who reads and fans ssB~!^_^


-Indigo East

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