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A manga based on a role play by Indigo East and Kelly Wing. It includes two girls, one korijin, one nekojin. The two have very different stories and very different families. Korijin, Aoi Tsuki's father: Henken {we love our puns}, hateful and prejudiced, and Nekojin, Kyozu Kimiko's dad: the whimsical but sweet and selfless character, Totsukume. (as seen in the banner, hehe) They go through many adventures and tragedies, learning more about each other and the world around them. An essential, yet later character, washijin, Sol joins in on the "fun"~ as well as many more. Soon, there will be adventure~! I will try to update whenever possible~ (忙しいんでしょう) (This comic was originally in Japanese, if you would like to read the original, go to http://ieindigoeast.deviantart.com ) READ MANGA STYLE PLZ~ [Right to Left] (XD sorry, I mixed up すみませんね)


Updates and Artworks~!

Hi-hi, Everyone~!
As you can see, I finally got to update the site. Now, the Japanese comic is a few pages ahead of the English one (as would be expected) but both are soon about to head off to the end of chapter two~

Please tell me what you think so far of the comic~! Feed back is always good~!
And also, :( I am sorry to anyone who wanted to co-write for ssB, the story-line is all plotted out... Though in between chapters, I may begin to do a chibi-break mini-manga just for fun~ ^3^ So be looking forward~

Also, here's a random drawing based off of a later scene:

Nonbiri by *ieindigoeast on deviantART

Check out more art from my deviantART page: http://ieindigoeast.deviantart.com

Thank you everyone who reads and fans ssB~!^_^


-Indigo East

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Websites with SSB in Japanese!

You want to read the raw SoroSoroBouken?
Well, go to any one of these sites hosted by me, Indigo East.

http://ieindigoeast.webs.com [go to SoroSoroBouken {Read}]
http://ieindigoeast.deviantart.com [go to gallery and go to the collection of SoroSoroBouken marked in Japanese]
www.flickr.com/ieindigoeast [go to the set labeled in Japanese for SSB]

Thank you for keeping up with this manga!

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